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Digital Archiving Project: The Monticello

Updated August 21, 2013

Mission: To Preserve ...

The project to preserve the library of Monticello Yearbooks began several years ago as an effort by the Thomas Jefferson High School Historical Preservation Society. It took time as policies were ironed out and vendors were reviewed. It is exciting for all involved in the Society's work to see this effort come to fruition. We would like to thank all of the classes and individuals that contributed to the cause in support of this project .  All generations of Jefferson graduates, past, present, and future, as well as their families, will benefit from this successful preservation of the  Monticello Yearbooks

This TJHS Historical Preservation Society project comes under the mission article, "Preserve and conserve memorabilia and artifacts that are significance to the present." Upon completion of the project, the entire library of Monticello Yearbooks will be preserved for perusal for many generations to come.

Project Deliverables

The project yield CDs with high-resolution, uncompressed, full-color files of all covers, inside covers, and all pages in each yearbook. These tagged image files (TIFs) are the most important deliverable for strictly archival purposes, as they fully preserve the image of each page with great fidelity. These images can be used to create many different "products" in the future.

Used by permission from MOYB

In addition, each yearbook will be delivered as a full-color, searchable (using Adobe® optical character recognition) Adobe Portable Document File (PDF)®, one example of a product created from the TIF files. The PDFs permit significant clarity when magnified by zooming in up to 1600%.

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