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Board Notes Arpil 18, 2018

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April 18, 2018

We can see it, touch it, almost taste it!

Progress on the fountain is so encouraging, and the entire Board is ecstatic. We wish each of you could feel like we do when we go see the progress.

Fountain under constructionA shot of the fountain with the frogs.

We had little time at this meeting other than working out at the fountain with the tile folks deciding on color matches and seeing the latest version of the frogs. As many original tiles as possible will remain on the fountain, but many were damaged and need to be replaced. There are a variety of colors involved for the ledge around the top of the inner pool and the outside of that pool. The tiles were glazed in green, brick red, yellow, and black. We compared them to the tiles that will remain on the fountain for the sake of matching. We soon discovered that the original tiles are not all the same color. There are variations in the red/orange that lean toward one color or the other and in the yellows that range from an ocher to a more true yellow. We decided, along with advice from both the tile manufacturer and the installer, to make differing percentages of the tiles in each of the colors and mix them just as the originals are.

The green tile.

One of the new reds next to an original.

Black on black.

Larry Stevens, Class of 1969, brought the final frog design with several different coatings of colors ranging from an oxidized green to copper to a dark tint. We chose to go with a medium tint of the green oxidized color. The contractor who is doing the water for the fountain showed us how the frogs will work, each of three frogs spewing a stream of water into the middle of the inner pool. He told us how the stream can be adjusted individually for each frog. The piping and control valves for the water are already installed, along with the controls for the float valve that will regulate the fountain's water level.

Once all of our decisions were made, we adjourned our outside gathering and met again in the office in the Main Hall where we normally meet. Other topics discussed include the ongoing drive to sell memory bricks and a promotional video we are having produced to educate the public on the importance of Jefferson and on your role in maintaining it's legacy through TJHS HPS.

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