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September 19, 2017

Progress on the Student Council Fountain Restoration

Representatives from various construction, architectural, and trades firms who are members of the fountain restoration team were present at the September 20th Board Meeting. Each spoke briefly about their companies and the part they will play in the process.

James Gray of Rialto Studios began with a state-of-the-project introduction. He noted that the synergy created by the meeting of the team members was shaping the project as better ideas were formulated with all the minds together.

Burditt Tile presented the tile restoration plan. A component of this plan that is dictated by the Historical Design Review Board is that all of the tiles that are removed must be saved as historical materials. Not all tiles are being removed. Whichever tiles are still basically intact will remain. All others will be replaced.

Dunis Studios, tilemakers in Wimberly, Texas, showed samples of the tiles they hand make in their factory. The process was briefly explained. Dunis assured the Board that the tiles would be expertly matched, with only surface finish varying somewhat due to aging of the original tiles. Dunis clients of note are the McNay Art Institute, the King Ranch, The San Pedro Park Library, and the University of Texas at Austin.

Larry Stevens (TJHS Class of 1969), owner of Stevens Art Foundry will create the 3 bronze frogs for the fountain. His notable projects are the Juan Seguin Memorial, various works at Notre Dame University, Texas A&M Bonfire Memorial, and the Texas Ranger Monument.

The managing contractor for the project, Guido Construction, introduced their project manager and presented construction details and a preliminary budget of $181,000. There are options that will either increase or decrease the budget as they are accepted or rejected, and a construction contingency of $10,000 is earmarked.

Other contractors not represented were Fountain Works, Mission Plumbing, Sculptural Design, Big State Electric, and Hunt Concrete.

It has been a long haul to this point, but the work and wait has been worth it as we see the imminent restoration of the Student Council fountain.

July 28, 2017

Student Council Fountain
Restoration Underway

The Thomas Jefferson High School Historical Preservation Society is pleased to announce that the restoration of the Student Council fountain is finally under way thanks to the generous contributions of so many Foundations and individuals all sharing a passion and fondness for Thomas Jefferson High School.

Guido Brothers Construction Company will serve as the General Contractor for this project, given their extensive experience in the restoration of numerous projects having historical significance.

On July 27th, 2017, some of the Directors for the Thomas Jefferson high School Historical Preservation Society met with several companies at the School who will play a vital role in this restoration project. These include Burditt Tile & Stone, Inc., Sculptural Designs Atelier, Fountain Works, as well as SAISD. This meeting allowed those subcontractors an opportunity to do an onsite visit to observe existing conditions in an effort to come up with their pricing for the project.

Special Thanks goes to James Gray with Rialto Studio, Inc. for taking this journey with the Thomas Jefferson High School Historical Preservation Society and who was instrumental in helping lay the ground work so that this project could commence.

March 21/April 18, 2017

Student Council Fountain

At the March 21st Board Meeting, Jim Gray of Rialto Studios presented their proposal to create construction drawings for the contractor, observe the construction process to ensure adherence to the intent of the drawings, and take part in planning and progress meetings, They added a contingency for other consultants and incidentals. The proposal is limited to a total cost no greater than $12,250 at which time any further services required by the board will be charged at an hourly rate. The proposal was unanimously approved by the board members present. It is expected that construction will take place during the summer months. 

Memory Bricks

Fifty percent of the area of the circle and spokes around the flagpole has been filled. There are 42 new orders for the next batch.

2017 Fiesta Medal

It is expected that all of the Fiesta Medals will be sold before Fiesta begins. Only 4 remain at one of the locations selling them (see below). Once these are sold, the medal effort will have raised another $3,500 for the fountain project!

May 16, 2017

Student Council Fountain

$200,000 is available in the TJHS HPS funds for the restoration of the fountain. The "dance" between partners, the private non-profit (TJHS HPS) and the public owner of the school (SAISD) is going well. Conversations with the head of SAISD's facilities made it clear that the District is the arbiter of who does the construction on campus, and the board is anxious to work with them to get the process started. 

Memory Bricks

An additional 23 brick orders were received since the April 18 meeting, bringing the total for the next batch to 65.

554 have been laid to date. The figure below shows where the bricks have been laid. Another 555 will fill the entire circle and spokes around the flagpole. Several other areas are available once this one is filled.

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