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Fri, March 03, 2017 6:12 PM | Anonymous member

Introducing "Board Notes"

The projects undertaken by the HPS are, by nature, a long series of baby steps. It is difficult to represent the whole of a project on this site without repeating much of what you read before. Because of this, we have decided to begin publishing "Board Notes" in which we will present these baby steps, so that you, our members know what progress is being made.

There are two types of projects in which we engage, restoration/preservation and fundraising. The first type requires that we do the second type. So, in our inaugural notes, we tell you the latest on the Fountain Restoration Project and the Mustang Legacy Brick Project.

The Fountain

01/17/2017 - James Gray, an landscape architect with Rialto Studios in San Antonio presented the tile restoration plans (see PDF) to the Historical Design Review Commission (HDRC), showing which tiles might be saved and which needed to be replaced (approx. 30%).

The Commission surveyed the fountain and made their recommendations, asserting that as many tiles as could be reasonably repaired should remain.

Mr. Gray will present a set of drawings to represent their findings to the HRDC and then to the Texas Historical Commission (THC), who must also weigh in..

The Bricks

02/21/2017 - Bricks #1-252 were laid on April 19, 2016. Bricks #253-554 were laid on January 25, 2017. Fifty percent of the space around the flagpole now holds "memory bricks (pictured)."

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