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Library Archives / Trophies Project - 2013

13 Days This Summer

In the heat of July and August, for 13 days, they labored in the library. TJHS HPS volunteered to pack and box the trophies and archives located in the library; the principal, Mr. Orlando Vera, accepted.

Foundation work under the Administration offices and library required that most everything be moved out of these areas. A statistical picture of what went on was that 3 TJHS HPS Board members, 3 TJHS HPS Advisory Board members, and 5 other volunteers worked a combined 171 hours packing 39 boxes of archives material and 30-plus boxes of trohpies to be moved into storage during the foundation work. On board were Anna Campos, Anna Catalani, Chris Mendiola, Dana Ward, David Sims, Patsy Skeels, Sylvia Aguilar, Becky Alvarez, Bubba McClellan, Frank Ward, Lindy Chavez, and Roger Allen.

TJHS HPS thanks all of you for your time and effort in yet another showing to "Support the Mission" and work for the preservation of all things Jefferson.

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